Gaither Vocal Band - Yes, I Know (Official Live)

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Gaither Vocal Band - Official Video for “Yes, I Know (Live)", available now!

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Come, ye sinners, lost and hopeless,
Jesus’ blood can make you free;
For He saved the worst among you,
When He saved a wretch like me.

And I know, yes, I know
Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean,
And I know, yes, I know
Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean.
To the faint He giveth power,
Through the mountains makes a way;
Findeth water in the desert,
Turns the night to golden day.
In temptation He is near thee,
Holds the pow’rs of hell at bay;
Guides you to the path of safety,
Gives you grace for every day.
He will keep thee while the ages
Roll throughout eternity;
Though earth hinders and hell rages,
All must work for good to thee.

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