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BAHO, Ambassadors of Christ Choir OFFICIAL VIDEO 2023. All rights reserved

9 bayirebye· 04/07/23
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muri Umuziki

BAHO is a true story of a mother and her daughter who survived the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda (1994). It’s an account of their miraculous survival. They said, “We thought we would never survive and we never imagined we would be here today after these many years”; “Ours is one of those stories many of which were never told, and we hope it inspires someone in the world today”.

Today, we are alive because the AUTHOR OF LIFE said LIVE. He came through for us, His amazing grace has been our stay and trust through the many days, months and years. And now we stand before you praising His Holy Name.

We stand here today, because He said LIVE and we LIVED

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SONG CREDITS: Words, Music & Arrangement: BY SSOZI JORAM
Voicing & Audio Editing: James @ Ambassadors of Christ Choir Studio/James
Instrumentation Credits: Ssozi Joram
Video Credits: Doux
Venue Credits: Rwanda Union Mission, Gisozi Genocide Museum
Deco Credits: Jotete Deco
Audio rights: Exclusively by Ambassadors of Christ Choir, recorded @ Ambassadors of Christ studio.
Video rights: Exclusively owned by Ambassadors of Christ Choir
English Subtitles: Available on the video
Ambassadors of Christ Choir is not currently in agreement with anyone to license the Music in our Videos. Those doing it on several of our songs are infringing and we are working to rectify it. The details will be officially announced on our official platforms.

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